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Search for The Fugees finally ends

A 15 year search for The Fugees has ended after family and friends admitted they’d run out of money. The Fugees haven’t been seen since they released their last album, The Score, in 1996.

A spokesman for the search party ‘Where Have The Fugees Gone’ said:

We all still have hope… But it’s been so long now.

The group have followed up hundreds of leads, many reported sightings and have interviewed dozens of potential witnesses.

Lauren Hill’s mansion stands in disrepair with overgrown weeds in the garden — monkeys have taken over the main building. Neighbour Hercules Morse says everybody has been left puzzled:

The last time I saw Lauren she was in her garden, drunk, defecating on her microphone. It was all very odd.

Internet forums have been buzzing with recent sightings, with many claiming Wyclef Jean is now an accountant in New York, Lauren Hill a bus driver in Illinois, and the other guy works in a bank.

Where Have The Fugees Gone ask anyone with information to contact them immediately.


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