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Mugabe seizes hundreds of Farmville developments

Robert Mugabe has passed legislation allowing the immediate seizure of any and all white Zimbabwean Farmville plots.

Users logged onto Facebook yesterday be presented with a short statement saying:

This Farmville account is now the property of the Zimbabwean government. Please submit any complaints or questions regarding this process to

Mugabe is said to be gifting the Farmville accounts to various direct relatives. Asked whether that was a good idea considering they barely knew how to use a computer and had no experience of using Farmville, Mugabe commented:

No, they can’t use a PC that well. And no, they don’t really know what Farmville is — but it can’t be that hard.

Mugabe is the longest running African leader, having been in power since 1902. At 107, he is also the oldest person in the country.

White Zimbabwean Farmville users will be very disappointed with this latest government backed cyber-land seizure as it was pretty much all they had left. This was echoed by government Land Reform Minister (and great-nephew to Mugabe), Chester Chukwumereije:

We have had no choice. It’s pretty much all they have left.

Mugabe’s popularity has been waning slightly after several economic reforms have left a loaf of bread costing $85 billion billion billion. He’s also unpopular with many people in the opposition party as he’s widely considered ‘a right bastard’.

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