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Air marshals taser Strauss-Kahn on plane home

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested today shortly after boarding a flight home to France.

After reportedly offering a neighbouring female passenger some popcorn, stewards ran to the scene after the passenger screamed.

She claims to have found something ‘unexpected’ at the bottom of the half-empty bucket of popcorn — something she describes as feeling like ‘a button mushroom’.

Strauss-Kahn said it was just his ‘Little Napoleon’.

Air marshalls were called after the situation escalated but DSK was nowhere to be seen.

One of the air marshals involved said he had no choice but to draw his weapon after DSK jumped naked from an overhead luggage compartment screaming:

Bunga Bunga time!

Head of Security Dan Lobley said:

The gentleman in question put up a real good fight. In fact, he seemed to get off when we shot his ass with the taser. He kept saying stuff like ‘oh la la’. It was a bit weird.

This will come as a surprise to his defense lawyers after they only just managed to get him off the hook for his most recent escapades. Judge Judy Morrison said in her final statement:

You should consider yourself lucky. Here in America we let famous people get away with one crime. Michael Jackson was different because he settled out of court on a few. But other than that it’s one crime. Don’t do this again.

DSK has been sent back to his penthouse apartment whilst police decide what to do with the ex future leader of France. Women living in the Manhatten area are being advised to stay well clear of the building, dark alleyways, and any bushes big enough to hold a Frenchman.


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