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Gaddafi controlling last remnants of army via Twitter

Colonel Gaddafi is reportedly directing his last few loyal soldiers via Twitter.

After the two cameramen for Libya’s only TV station, Mad Dogs, defected to the rebels, Gaddafi had been relying on cassette tape recordings to get his messages out.

US drones then bombed Libya’s only cassette factory, forcing Gaddafi to join Twitter to keep his war cries heard. @colonelgaddafi had already been taken so he registered @the_Real_Gaddafi.

His latest messages have been directed to troops loyal to his Government:

Kill them! Kill them all! #winning

It also seems he is not overly familiar with the social network as he apparently sent a few messages to world leaders that were presumably supposed to be private, direct messages.

@barackobama B, is it too late to take the offer on the table from a couple weeks ago? Hit me up. G.

And the last message to South Africa leader Jacob Zuma:

@thebigdog Bitch, answer my calls! What the hell is going on? Don’t be dodging me now brother.

In other developments, Gaddafi’s son, Barry Gaddafi, made a late night appearance to show that all was well in the capital.

Look! Here am I am, in the centre of Tripoli, perfectly safe, not a rebel in site. OK sure, it’s 4am… Whatever. Do you like my new beard? Any questions — ask my father’s sleazy PR guy.

Gaddafi’s twitter account has been quiet for several hours, fuelling speculation he’s already left the country. His final message read:

The back fence! They’re at the back fence! brb


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