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Tottenham riot organisers ‘delighted with the turnout’

Organisers of the Tottenham riots say they are very pleased with the weekend’s ruck.

We’re thrilled, we weren’t really sure how many people would show. Early estimates show year on year we had a 20% increase.

The group, Smash n Loot, arranges riots via it’s website where users are encouraged to suggest reasons to riot and where. The most popular suggestions are then put into action.

Currently top of the list is Scunthorpe, with reasons: “There’s nothing to do round here”, “There’s never anything decent on TV” and “Just cos”.

We tend to go for the summer months, and generally like to smash up places that are already run down. No one really likes to riot in during the colder months, and we don’t really like smashing up nice areas… Kind of feels wrong.

The group say they’re really pleased with how people have been utilising Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger.

They’ve been hugely useful in bringing together people with common interests. I’ve even heard of people finding love at our riots!

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