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US Special Forces check possible Gaddafi hiding places

A US Special Forces unit has been called in to help with the hunt for Gaddafi. SEAL Team 6 is made up of some of the best the US army has to offer and succesfully found and killed Bin Laden.

The team, which eventually found Bin Laden, hopes to save some time with lessons from the past.

After 9/11 everyone assumed Bin Laden was holed up in some dusty cave dragging around a dialysis machine with a few dozen personal body guards. After blowing up caves for the best part of a decade we found him at home, in a house, with his family watching TV.

The team has decided to go back to basics to find Gaddafi as quickly as possible.

What’s the last place you’d expect to find him hiding? Under his bed at his compound, right? That was the first place we looked. Next, we looked under his car. Not there either. Behind the curtains? I think we checked there.

The team has also called in help from TVs best known celebrity psychiatrist Dr Phil.

Alot of these world leaders are as mad as a Texan cayote on crack! You got to get inside their heads. I was there when they found Iraq’s Most Wanted. “My name is Saddam Hussein and I’m ready to negotiate.” … I mean the guy has been on the run for 8 months and hidden in a shallow grave disguised as a tramp. I told him very slowly “That’s nice Saddam. Why don’t you step out of the spaceship so you can show us what it looks like inside?”

To blend into the local crowds, the team will be wondering aimlessly around, in flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts with rocket launchers slung over their shoulders.

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3 Responses to US Special Forces check possible Gaddafi hiding places

  1. @janemiami Reply

    January 4, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    They actually got their best recon from his Facebook page and a Twitter comment that a staff member sent out about his favorite breakfast spot.

    • thegoldrush Reply

      January 5, 2012 at 8:29 pm

      That guys now cursing himself: "Stupid, stupid, stupid… What was I thinking? #oops"

  2. @janemiami Reply

    January 6, 2012 at 2:33 am

    Yeah, it's hard to get good staff these days.

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