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Anger at easyJet for transporting caged chickens

Animal rights groups have harshly criticised budget airline easyJet after it was found to be using its planes to transport caged chickens.

The animals, usually housed in 1 foot cubed cages, were put on the planes after there was a chicken shortage in Scotland. Chester Copperpot, from the RSPCA was first on the scene:

What we saw was disgraceful. They’d been taken out the cages and each put in a passenger seat. At the other end, these poor buggers could barely walk.

The airline offer cheap air travel at the expense of certain in-air luxuries, such as peanuts, windows and working toilets.

The fact they put chickens on an easyJet flight for an hour is shocking. They were that crammed in that they were scratching and clawing each other.

The airline has also been accused of feeding the chickens, chicken — something which easyJet denies.

How can we serve chickens chicken, when chickens don’t have any money? That’s not how we work.

The rescued chickens have been jammed back in their cages and seem to be recovering. The RSPCA investigation continues.


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