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Man sues insurance company for new wife

A man in Mansfield, UK, has successfully sued his insurance company after they refused to raise the compensation offer for getting a new wife.

Micheal Hunt, 39, first made a claim after his Russian wife went missing in September 2009. his insurance company quickly came back with an offer of £500.

Have you seen the state of the birds in the £500 section?! I’d be better off looking in the frozen pie aisle at Asda.

Hunt claims the insurance company failed to read the small print.

They were annoyed because I didn’t have life insurance for her but did have her on the household list of contents.

They met on the paid-for Russian dating website — a site offering Russian women looking for European love, with women categorised by looks.

After claiming for his missing wife, offered, and refused to go higher than, £500.

Even considering normal wear and tear that’s still not a fair price.

The judge agreed that the insurance company needed to raise their offer.

Whilst I do understand Mr Hunt’s protests, I do agree that some of the women in the lower categories are a bit ropey.


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One Response to Man sues insurance company for new wife

  1. big daddy mat Reply

    October 24, 2011 at 7:34 am

    I once lost a leg in a poker game and managed to claim on my insurance, the bastards didnt pay out! Im hopping mad!

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