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Murdochs hit sudden ill health after claims of hacking knowledge

James Murdoch has claimed he can not remember any mention of phone hacking, any mention of payments made to private investigators, and can’t even remember his own name.

MPs have publically called out Murdoch after Tom Crowne, ex News of the World lawyer gave evidence to the contrary.

When questioned outside a New York hotel he quickly started sucking his thumb and mumbling:


As security bustled him into a limo, doctors stepped forward to say he was clearly suffering some kind of mental episode and couldn’t possible be held to account for any actions taken 5 years ago.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch has been seen shuffling around his office block in slippers breathing through an oxygen mask.

MPs are keen to get the Murdochs back for further questioning, and responding to claims they are the least scary thing to face News International in years they said:

No, we don’t have many powers to be honest, but we can give them a ruddy good telling off and the frowning of a lifetime.


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