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Starving Africans may hold the key to weight loss

American and European scientists have joined forces to look into life-style differences between affluent Westerners and starving Africans in the hope they might find clues to weight loss.

The scientists claim to have accidentally stumbled on the idea whilst discussing the progress of their study in a pie shop in Glasgow.

Dr Andre Young was the first to actually say it. We were all sat there eating chicken pies, deep fried Mars Bars and chips. He pointed out that starving Africans don’t have access to this type of food. It sounds crazy, but it’s the only thing we haven’t really considered.

The scientists have been looking at technology used, socio-economic factors and stages of industrialisation a country is currently going through.

The group now hopes to travel between Somalia, Rowanda, Texas and London to see if there’s any truth to these wild ideas.

If this turns out to be the reason half the population is morbidly obese it’ll really be a breakthrough. We also have 15 African volunteers we’ll be force-feeding Big Macs and Pepsi. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.


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