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Channel5 cancel Gaddafi reality show

Channel5 have just announced they have scrapped plans for a fly on the wall documentary featuring Colonel Gaddafi and his family.

A spokesmen for Channel5 cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason, but entertainment pundits think it might be more to do with the fact he’s dead.

Filming was due to begin next week in Sirte and was reportedly going to be called: “The Gaddafis”. Members of his family that were due to star in the show include his uncle ‘Crazy Joe’, his aunt ‘Big Bertha’, his two daughters Chi Chi & Helen and his long suffering wife Edna.

Gaddafi’s family is said to be disappointed with the cancellation, but are already in talks about a spin off show to be shown on MTV.

Channel5 have said that the cancellation of the show shouldn’t affect the evening line up for December, as they already have plans for a show starring the Beckhams. The show will follow the celebrity couple visiting old friends, places they lived and the schools they attended. This show, ‘The Things What We Done’ is set to begin filming very soon, and will be aired December 7th.


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