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Island nations criticise European counterparts

The CSCTNOETA (Council of Small Countries That No One Ever Talks About) has sharply criticised European leaders for their ‘constant moaning about money’, claiming smaller nations have far greater issues including threats from global warming.

After discussions at a recent meeting, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, the President of Mauritius reminded attendees that more needed to be done to get the attention of richer, more polluting countries.

We’ve got to get the word out! These bloody morons in Europe should stop whining about credit. “Help, help, the IMF won’t lend us more money”… They think they’ve got problems?! We’re bloody sinking here!

Mauritius has been slowly losing friends in the area after declaring that ‘the next bloody Madagascan boat that passes here and floods another beach gets blown out of the bloody water. I don’t care if it’s the bloody QE2.’

World leaders have been trying to figure out how to reduce greenhouse emissions following on from plans George Bush set in motion in 2002. In a famous speech before world leaders he said he wanted to see ‘a new iceberg grown every year’ and that ‘if we melt all the icebergs now, there won’t be no icebergs left in the future’.

In the meantime, the Mauritian government are considering all options in the face of rising sea levels. Several nations have offered land for the Mauritians to relocate to.

We had Iran say they’d be happy for us to move there. What, are they bloody crazy or something?! No chance. We might be in trouble but we’re not that bloody desperate.

To highlight the problems the country faces they are trying a few new tactics. Mauritian Cabinet meetings now take place underwater and the government has invested $2m in a new advertising campaign — “Visit Mauritius, whilst you still can”.

Most in the scientific community estimate that Mauritius will be completely submerged by next Thursday.


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