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Uri Geller arrested after mauling lion

Uri Geller has been arrested at a Las Vegas hotel after police were called in following an incident during a pre-show practice.

According to witnesses, the famous spoon-bender turned on the lion after it leapt up trying to bite his throat. The lion’s trainer reportedly shouted out that the lion was just trying to save him from danger, to which Gellar shouted back:

Are you frickin’ kidding me?! Since when do lions save humans?

As the lion backed away, Uri Geller disappeared in a large cloud of smoke. He appeared seconds later in a large glass box that not only had its door padlocked shut but was also wrapped in chains. In those split seconds he’d also miraculously changed clothes.

The lion again leapt for the magician, breaking the glass. Uri then amazingly produced a bunch of flowers from thin air, startling the lion. As the frightened lion froze Uri approached it, repeatedly showing the lion a playing card, then making the card disappear.

When he was close enough, he punched the lion in the face.

Police say they are looking into what happened but are coming up against too many discrepancies:

The doors were locked… They were padlocked shut and chained. How did he get in? It’s impossible.

Geller has so far refused to cooperate with police. He is constantly escaping from the handcuffs and holding cell, and is responding to every question with:

There is no spoon.


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  1. Lady Reply

    February 5, 2012 at 12:35 am

    Do you have record now, going to those countries he already had trouble with will only be harder now, or do soldiers get special treatment? You no is is not a query, it's black humor…… That was in file in section called bad attitute and still revolutionary beware!
    That true not black humor,hahahahahahah stop calling and mentioning who gonna die next…. Ya of course I recognized you………………….

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