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Greek anger at suggestions they may have to start paying tax

Greece’s new Prime Minister, Lucas Papademos, has caused widespread anger at plans that would see workers paying tax.

Under the current system, the general public pay some taxes, higher earners pay as and when they feel like it, and the top 1% just don’t bother with them at all.

Gaps in spending are filled by borrowing from Germany, bailouts from Germany, creating jobs from thin air and charging tourists to see dusty old ruins.

The new measures are being suggested alongside changes in the law that will see people working well into their 50s before retiring. This will come as a shock to many Greeks who are currently only in their mid-40s, but have been retired and collecting a full state pension for years.

Chantel Papadopoulos, a hairdresser in Athens says people are already struggling:

People are already struggling.

Next door, in “Theo’s Kebabs”, Theo Papadopoulos says he can’t see how anyone can afford to pay tax:

Bloody politics drive me bloody mad. No one buying my bloody kebabs so where am I supposed to get bloody tax from?

In an attempt to clear some of their debts, Greece has already sold the Acropolis to Disney (who knocked it down and built a plastic version in Florida), as well as selling the rights to the movie Gladiator to Russia.

Goldman Sachs have offered to purchase all of Greece’s debt and then to sue countries that were stupid enough to lend them money in the first place. European politicians have so far been reluctant to accept this offer saying that whilst they appreciate they offer, there’s a general feeling that Goldman Sachs are ‘vulture scum’ — something which Chairman Lloyd Blankfein disputes:

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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