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Greek Prime Minister resigns after admitting he ‘really can’t be arsed with all this’

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has offered his resignation after an extended period of turbulence and uncertainty in Greece.

Whilst I’ll leave with many happy memories, I’m now at the point where I really can’t be arsed with all this anymore. I leave you all with a smile, a high five and a mountain of debt.

This comes after he announced he would call a referendum on whether or not Greece should accept a European bailout – something which angered and confused other leaders. After hearing the news, Angela Merkin said at yesterday’s press conference:

What the hell is he thinking? Any half-witted leader will tell you, you only ask the peoples opinion when you’re pretty sure you know the answer already.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy agreed:

Ask them? What for?! The deal is done, you shook hands on it, there’s no backing out now. Mon Dieu!

European leaders have recently agreed to a huge multi-billion bailout fund that would see Greece through it’s current problems, and leave her in the pockets of richer nations for years to come.

The only other offer on the table is a joint venture from Simon Cowell and Oprah Winfrey, who have offered to fully pay off Greece’s debt in return for full ownership. Simon Cowell has previously stated that the only place he doesn’t get pointed at for having his top 3 shirt buttons undone, is Greece.

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