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China officially recognises the only other fat North Korean as leader

China has given formal approval to the announcement that Kim Jong Il’s 28 year son will run the country. The announcement also praised the many achievements of his father.

Head of Official Chinese Stuff, Zhoanan Chi Lap said his country felt honoured to have dealt with such a great man.

Golfer, footballer, internationally renowned movie producer and a man that managed to keep on that weight without a functioning economy. Amazing.

Until recently, Western observers had assumed Kim was the only fat North Korean alive. His son was presented at a gladiator fight between captured WW2 American and Japanese POWs last year. Stunned crowds stared in silence mumbling:

How come we’re starving and he’s so bloody fat? He clearly ain’t eating what we’re eating.

After a few helpful reminders from the armed guards the crowds began to loudly cheer. Officials claim they stayed in the stadium cheering constantly for 3 weeks — though this can not be independently verified.

North Korea has also released a rehashed version of Highlander. The movie is said to be heavily edited, and has been cropped down to about 20 minutes cutting out any scenes of violence, sex, humour and America. The North Koreans have retitled the film: The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Highlander with the tagline: There can be only Un.

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