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Kim Jong Il makes heavenly appearance in a piece of toast

A man in Chicago claims to have been faced with a ghostly vision of the recently deceased North Korean leader in his breakfast.

Larry Cross, 45, said he was going about his normal routine of toasting bread before sitting down for a cup of tea. He looked down at his plate and was amazed by what was looking back.

It was Kim Jong freakin Il. It didn’t look like him, it didn’t smell like him, it was him. It was as if he’d come to say a final goodbye.

Cross says after realising what was happening he contacted the FBI — 4 agents were dispatched just to make sure a Communist hadn’t made it to American shores. Once they were satisfied it was just an apparition of The Dear Leader they returned to their lair.

Cross has agreed to donate the piece of toast to Chicago’s Ripley’s Believe or Not Museum, next to some of the wild claims from the dearly departed such as: he regularly achieved multiple holes in one on a round of golf, he personally coached the national football team and the most likely being, he was the fattest man in the country.


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