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North Korean leader to be ‘buried on the moon’

North Korea claims to have nearly completed complex moon funeral arrangements for their Dear Leader who has recently been pronounced dead.

North Korean state TV announced he died after having a heart attack on a train outside the capital, Pyeong Yang.

Westerners observers think he may have died sometime in the late 90s, and had been replaced by either a stuffed version of him at official meetings, or a cardboard cut-out at public events.

The moon project apparently began over 40 years ago, has cost millions of dollars and killed dozens of workers.

North Koreans are calling it a ‘stairway to heaven’, Western observers are calling it a ladder to the moon, South Koreans say the North Koreans are using it as an excuse to peer over their fence, and Japan is calling it an eyesore and has requested it be immediately taken down.

The project began on the day the Dear Leader was born, and has been running ever since. As with the Egyptian pyramids, workers on the Stairway to Heaven will be expected to ‘walk the plank’ once the project has been completed.


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