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Dog The Bounty Hunter dispatched to bring in Kony

President Obama has said he’s despatched Dog and his team to bring warlord Joseph Kony to justice.

Dog The Bounty Hunter, his son, his brother law and Dolly Parton have already left Hollywood and are en route.

Tweeting from the plane, Dog has been updating followers:

On the plane now. Am writing things like his name and age on a white board for team to look at.

Joseph Kony was a little known warlord operating from Uganda when his latest film, Invisible Children, shot him to International fame.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, real name Laurence Chesterwood, has been a bounty hunter ever since he realised it was a pretty easy way to make money.

Don’t believe everything you read in comic books. It’s 95% knocking on doors, 5% patronising guys on the way to jail, and 5% praying before a mission.


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