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Homeless men as mobile vending machines may be cancelled

A new scheme to attach vending machines to homeless people has come under fire after a man was admitted to hospital with second-degree burns.

The scheme was started by a local company that was hoping to bring some attention to local homeless people as well as spin up a few bucks profit.

The idea was to attach drinks and snack machines to the homeless. As they shuffle around town, people could come up and buy stuff from their back. Profits are split straight down the middle.

Crazy Jimmy, of no fixed abode, was bought to St Mary’s hospital after the wiring in his vending machine equipment ignited his uniquely coloured beard.

One minute I’m staring at the sun thinking about squirrels and my time in Iraq, and the next minute I’m on fire.

The company behind the scheme said they had no immediate plans to get rid of their homeless workforce, but would do everything they could to make sure that wiring was ‘improved slightly’.


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