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Homeopathy offers lifeline to people dying of thirst

People with made up ailments an diseases, such as alcoholism, were today thrown a lifeline by the mentals behind homeopathy, who claim their remedies might be the solution.

The president of Homeopathy Club estimates that up to 6 billion people could be helped by homeopathic remedies.

The main things we can help are fake diseases – people in California that say they are dying of thirst and fatties that say they’re starving.

Homeopathy, which means “boiled water” in Latin, is the scientific name for boiling water and describes the process of boiling water then drinking it through a sieve.

All we’re suggesting is alcoholics try taking a homeopathic solution once every 2 minutes for 2 weeks. In our study nearly everyone was cured. We didn’t write down numbers or anything but it was like 98% or something.


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