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Hillary Clinton announces easing of sanctions against Bill

Hillary Clinton has announced she is lifting some of the sanctions that were in place against against Bill, with immediate effect.

In making her announcement, Hillary praised his recent conduct, saying Bill was an inspiration to middle aged married men.

Ever since that incident, I’ve had an enemy at my gates. Today, it is time to open my gates.

Ever since having sexual relations with that woman, Bill has been under the immense pressure from the international community to stop sleeping with female assistants.

Some countries had imposed travel restrictions, and Hillary had put a strict curfew in place. Bill was not allowed within 200 yards of a strip bar and was to be home by 9pm every night.

Bill said he welcomed the relaxing of Hillary’s metaphorical gates, and would be ‘sending in his metaphorical ambassador very soon’.

It’s a disease. There isn’t a medicine I can take to make this all go away — which is strange because you would have thought there would be one if it were a real disease — but I’m gonna keep on trying.


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