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Ashton Kutcher to play Bin Laden in upcoming movie

Ashton Kutcher has confirmed he will be stepping into the dusty robes of Osama Bin Laden later this year, in the highly anticipated Jihadi Way or the Highway.

Bin Laden, who was shot in the face in 2011, was commonly known to be a big fan of Kutcher, even going so far as to send a few celebrity tweets.

Ashton… I’m watching you… On TV! #LOL jk
@binladenhidin 19 February 2010

Hey Ashton, why you let your woman out the house looking like a man #LOL #notkidding
@binladenhidin 28 September 2009

Kutcher said in a statement he’s looking forward to getting started, and hopes to see the movie released for Christmas 2012.

It’s what Ozzie would have wanted. I’ve had a lot of support from his family — most of his wives have been in touch to say they are delighted.

Filming is set to begin sometime next Tuesday and will be mostly carried out around Las Vegas. The Nevadavodian landscapes were deemed to be closest to the flea-ridden caves of Afghanistan. For the scenes depicting the final decade of Bin Laden’s life, the cast and crew will move to more residential settings, using the set of Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House.





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