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Eurovision runners up taken out the building and shot in the head

Human rights observers have said they’re not particularly bothered that Eurovision organisers are taking runners-up out the side entrance and shooting them once in the back of the head.

The organisers confirmed they’d been murdering contestants after responding to questions at a press conference.

Yes, we do put contestants out of their misery. It’s for their own good — what use are they to the world after Eurovision?

Azerbaijan was chosen as the host country for 2012 after their entry, Julio, was voted winner with his song “I’ve come over a little queer.”

Favourite to win is Helena Boskovovonic, ex shot put gold medalist, who will be singing ‘Disco Disco Boom Boom Bang’.

Jedward, Irish twins accidentally created as a side effect of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong, are also tipped for greatness.

Yeah it’s kind of weird that there’ll be so many people watching but we’re all like whatever let’s just do it so we’re just gonna go out there and do it why not sorry for party rocking and anyway who cares if we don’t win but we do want to win that would be awesome.


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