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Swedish anger after Obama pins Queen on Pinterest

Sweden have announced they are expelling the American ambassador after an embarrassing social media ‘mix up’ left the Queen of Sweden enraged.

The diplomatic row erupted after the Barack Obama account ‘pinned’ images of The Queen of Sweden in an album named ‘Royal Milfs’.

Pinterest allows users to bookmark images they find into various albums/boards. Obama’s press office had earlier created an account for him in the hope that by signing him up and running the account for him would somehow make him a better President.

We had no idea that people were dumb enough to believe the President actually uses Pinterest, let alone bookmarks images of Heads of State. She’s not even that hot?!

Other recent sign ups to Pinterest include Bono, the Taliban and the Mexican mafia. Pinterest has an annual turnover of $500, employs over 6 people and is currently valued at 1 gabillion dollars


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