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Syrian President spotted defying hose pipe ban on Google Streetview

President Assad has further enraged the international community after being spotted openly ignoring a strict summer hose pipe ban, on Google Streetview.

The hose pipe ban was brought in after lakes in Eastern England reached their lowest level since the ‘Great Water Shortage’ of 2011.

The President was seen cleaning his car, a 1978 Firebird Trans Am, on a Sunday morning in front of his house. Neighbours have quietly confirmed they saw him, but have said they would never consider reporting him through fear of being shot at by one of his tanks.

Water usage guidelines had been agreed to by all countries, except Somalia and Canada — two countries largely considered lawless, on the verge of civil war and shunned the international community.

Syria however, did sign up to the agreement, so this move by the President will come as a shock to many of his supporters, who had previously denied allegations he is ‘a massive twat’.


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