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World praying next US President isn’t a religious nut-job

As the United States draws closer to the the voting play-offs, Iran has been leading world prayers that God doesn’t let one of his ‘special friends’ become President. This follows a week of news stories surrounding politicians and their religions.

Obama began by confirming he won’t tell anyone he’s Muslim until he’s out of office and long gone on the lecture circuit.

Mitt Romney has been forced to reassure voters that he is, in fact, a Moron and that Morons do not worship Evil Jesus. The Church of the Latter Day Morons also put out a statement confirming that they do not worship Evil Jesus, but rather his better known cousin, Good Jesus.

It is a widely held American belief that Morons are weird and worship Evil Jesus — something the Church of the Latter Day Morons have continuously denied, saying:

If Jesus were evil, he wouldn’t be flying a space helicopter to come get his followers. Either you’re coming with us, or staying here. And yes, we’ve still got tickets available.

Mitt Romney has come under fire recently for not declaring how much he was worth, not declaring how much tax he pays, for hiding his true religion, claiming Jesus told him “Barack Obama is rubbish” and for announcing that gay marriage was, in God’s eyes, “all sorts of wrong”.

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