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Charity raises enough to take Plan B to theme park

A UK charity have said they’ve raised enough money to take Plan B to Alton Towers in a last ditch attempt to make him smile.

Cheer Up Plan B has been working tirelessly for the last 2 years to get the singer-rapper to crack a smile. Despite multiple trips to the seaside, forest and petting zoos, Plan B is still miserable.

Their first efforts, Turn That Frown Upside Down, failed after hundreds tweeted greetings to the rapper, but he simply replied:

Politics is politricks, you get me?

His latest album Ill Manors leapt to number 1 after outstanding performances at recent festivals. Questioned outside his council house, he told reporters it didn’t mean much to him:

There’s still nuffin to do round here.

The charity says they are hopeful a trip to world famous Alton Towers will perk up the depressed performer, but admit he hasn’t been the same since the end of the riots.


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