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Dogging added as reserve Olympic event

Weirdos and Germans have expressed delight that dogging has been added to the Olympic reserve event list.

Dogging was added as a last resort after a challenge from China was upheld by the Olympic Committee.

Every Olympic host nation gets the option of putting forward sports they excel at, that aren’t currently considered Olympic sports. Great Britain chose dogging and Kung Fu. China claimed they invented Kung Fu, so until that claim is proved either true or false, it has to be taken off the list.

With Dogging now on the list, Team GB manager Pat Sharpe is confident they can secure a win.

We’ve scoured grotty car parks across the country looking for stand out talent. We’ve found 3 great hopefuls, none of whom will tell us their actual names, but we’re expecting big things from them — especially the hairy one.

The rules of dogging dictate participants must line up at an isolated car park entrance after the sun goes down. At the umpire’s signal, they have to go into the car park, initiate a complicated series of signals using coloured handkerchiefs and then shag a middle aged woman over a the bonnet of her Cortina.

During practice, there were some false starts from one of the weird looking guys with a moustache:

This doesn’t normally happen. I’ll be ready to go again in about 5 minutes.

Team GB say they’re expecting some stiff competition from Germany and Japan — both countries famously fond of weird sexual practices.

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One Response to Dogging added as reserve Olympic event

  1. Debbie Reply

    August 5, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    This would have made the Olympics a real success!!

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