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Justin Bieber added to FBI’s Most Wanted list

The FBI have added fugitive Justin Bieber to their Most Wanted list after he failed to respond to an arrest warrant announcement.

He was formally charged with paedo-chasing after running towards an old man with a camera that had been following him all day.

Andrew Highbury, who spends his days sniffing celebrity trash and taking photos of women as they get out of cars, says being a paparazzi is a dream come true.

His dream turned into a nightmare, when Bieber, 12, told him to “piss off and stop following me around you weirdo” and ran towards him.

I’m just trying to make a living selling celebrity underwear and photos through their windows to magazines and Japanese men. Don’t hate the player.

After a formal complaint, police requested Bieber’s attendance at the station. When he told them to ‘eat a dick’ the FBI were informed and he was placed on the Most Wanted list.

Agent Holmes, the man who updates the list, had nothing useful to say:

I tell people I’m Secret Agent Holmes — you know, like Bond James Bond.


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