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People what don’t talk proper offered classes in basic English

People what don’t talk proper were told the fings what they can do to get help, innit.

Talkamologist, Peter Brent, reckons he’s well brainy and says people what always say ‘like’ are first come first serve.

They’re our first priority. It’s key they learn some simple grammar and correct pronounciation. Everybody hates bad pronounciation. That’s the key here — pronounciation.

Barry McCole says he’s bin saying like from when he was a young’un.

I’m like, who cares how I speak and they’re all like “you sound stupid” and I’m all like “shut up you’re stupid” and they’re like “whatever”.

Pacifically, these egg-heads reckon that just wiv reading books n that, people can get brainy and talk all posh like.

Wiv the fings what people learn, people can like get jobs and stuff.


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One Response to People what don’t talk proper offered classes in basic English

  1. El Gibbo Reply

    June 13, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Are you Beavis & Butthead?!

    Well…huhhh huhh huh…here they…could you repeat the question?…huhhh huhh
    oh yeah…here they are!

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