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Army called in to protect Olympics from Bristol

Over 3500 British Army troops have been called in to help police the Olympics after it emerged somebody had told Bristol about the summer event.

The announcement follows a week of strange sightings along the M4, as drivers reported seeing lines of what were thought to be refugees, shuffling towards London.

Nigel “The Strangler” Devon has been driving trucks in and out of Bristol for years, and says he’s never seen any thing like it.

I’ve never seen anything like it. Huhhhhhhhhhhh.

As word spread across London, local Neighbourhood Watch leaders were quick to start up World War 2 air sirens. Police Chiefs have tried to calm local residents but have struggled to be fully understood.

They seem to grasp the basics of what we’re saying, but we lose them at ‘outside the M25′.

The army will be posted within shooting distance of the recently installed missile launchers, something the police chiefs hope will calm residents.

You gotta watch these Brisolonians, innit. Turn your back, they have the hubcaps. Real talks.

A number of soldiers will also be posted near the various Olympic stadiums, but have said they have no idea if they are ready for what is coming.

It could be like bloody 28 Days Later! My mate went out with a bird from Bristol. He said she had teeth in her South London.


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