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Census shows dramatic increase in the number of left handed gay gingers

Politicians say that census figures show an large increase in the number of registered left handed gay gingers living in the UK.

Minister of Peoples, Dave Ingram, noted that whilst they were slightly concerned by the findings these do not show the full picture, as unregistered left handed gay gingers remain unaccounted for.

LHGG figures had slowly been declining since the year 2000, with some even suggesting they be added to the Endangered Species list.

The World Wildlife Fund have said that whilst they do allow left handeds and gingers onto their list, they don’t allow gay people. The gay community have expressed dismay at this stumbling block.

Homophobic nazis. We don’t want to be on their lists anyway.

Whilst LHGGs are a rarity, they have played a huge part in human history — Famous LHGGs have included Winston Churchill, Perez Hilton, and Agatha Christie. They were also instrumental in the downfall of Libya, the rise of Communism and made up 66% of the crew of the first NASA mission to the moon.


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