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Kevin Costner found alive and well in Superman trailer

Friends and family of Kevin Costner have released a statement saying they’re hugely relieved after recent sightings of Kevin Costner have been confirmed as being authentic.

Reports of the actor being spotted in the background of the Superman – Man of Steel trailer started on internationally renowned news source, TMZ. Editor, Tim Grey, said there was huge excitement in the offices.

Normally we just publish pictures of dead celebs but this was a proper news story!

Costner hasn’t been seen in public since his last great on-screen effort in Water World. Following criticisms, Costner announced he was shunning the modern world and would lead the anonymous life of a hobo. regularly posted sightings of Costner, blurry photos  that resembled the Hollywood star, and even blogged theories on when he might return.

Costner rose to fame after a string of blockbusters including Bodyguard, Water World and that one with Robert DeNiro. Raised by American Indians, he was talent spotted performing for passerby in the 1970s. His first hit was the biopic, Dances With Wolves, followed up by the sequel, Last of the Mohicans.


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