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Paying cash-in-hand is ‘morally wrong’ say millionaire UK politicians

There has been a cross party call from rich UK politicians to ask the British public to stop paying cash-in-hand for a reduction in the price of services.

Politicians have been queuing outside TV and radio stations to moan about the problem after a report sponsored by a large corporate tax avoidance scheme showed brick layers and painters should be paying a collective £2bn more in tax.

The report made its conclusions after questioning politicians on how much they’d not paid builders and then claimed the full amount back on expenses. That figure was them multiplied up to represent the population.

Speaking outside The Ritz, David Cameron called on everyone to pull together.

I’m told it’s tough right now. Sounds ghastly, but that’s no excuse for not paying full price. That’s not very Big Society.

The prime minister went on to say that whilst efforts could be made to ensure the country’s highest paid individuals and companies pay more tax, but that’s unlikely to happen.

Who do you got us here?! Mamma didn’t raise no fool. And anyway, it’s only estimated to be £25bn a year.


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