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Rowing disqualification after midgets spotted below boat

The French rowing team face disqualification from yesterday’s race after a line of midgets was spotted kicking their legs below the team boat.

The team were performing far better than expected, prompting one twitter user to joke that the French team were being shadowed by a shark. After receiving hundreds of retweets, it was only then noticed that it was in fact midgets.

The Olympic Committee say they are looking into how the midgets made it under the boat, in front of so many spectators, cameras and judges. Initially, it’s thought they mingled with the crowd by standing on each others shoulders dressed in a long raincoat.

Early reports say they snuck into the water as cheerleaders distracted the crowd, and made it over to the lined up boats by breathing through straws.

This wouldn’t be the first time the French national team have been caught cheating at the Olympics. At Beijing in 2008, 8 French competitors were disqualified for various reasons, including: lifting plastic weights with “300kg” written on the side in the women’s weight lifting final, and Pierre Dupont, lead runner in the 1500m semi-final, putting out his arms on the final straight so other runners couldn’t overtake him.


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