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Scientists find Higgs boson down the back of the sofa

The science community have united in celebration after the announcement this morning that the Higgs Boson had finally been found down the back of the sofa, with £1.74 and some biscuit crumbs.

The announcement ends nearly 50 years of searching, billions of dollars funding and millions of wasted man hours. In the end, it was office intern Dan Pascale who felt something strange whilst sitting down.

At first I thought it was a bit of pizza, but I figured there’s no way any of these spotty science nerds would leave some pizza on the sofa.

Dan Childert, Head of Small Things at Cern confirmed the news at 8 o’clock this morning.

We’ve found it! You can stop looking now. Not sure what we’re going to do now.

Hundreds of members of the press were present for the briefing, and whilst there were many positive reviews, many more said the Higgs boson was ‘well rubbish’.

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