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Britons praise Sun God by drinking topless in the park

As the final weeks of August approach, and the British summer begins, millions are expected to make the journey to a nearby park to begin celebrations.

Gary, God of Sun, is worshipped every year for 2 weeks in August right across the United Kingdom. People from all over the country come together in parks and beer gardens to show their appreciation.

Legend has it that Gary would suck up to Zeus at any oppotunity. Zeus was so thankful for all Gary’s efforts that he gifted him one special power – for 2 weeks every year, the sun would shine out his arse across the land.

To mark the occasion, men across the country will be putting themselves through great pain to show thanks to Sun God Gary.

Steve Palmit, 33, has been taking part in the Summer Sun Drink for 15 years.

It’s part of what I is. We come down here, get our kit off, and drink in direct sunlight. The pain we go through for the next 3 days is our way of saying ‘fanks’.

The Summer Sun Drink has been part of British culture for hundreds of years, and is mentioned in The Bible, The Koran and on Wikipedia.


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