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Shot put gold medalist disqualified after grizzly bear DNA find

Officials have confirmed they have stripped another gold medal from a contestant after DNA tests confirmed she was, in fact, a 400lb grizzly bear.

The revelations came to light after shot put contestants were required to submit a urine sample.

We knew something was up when Russia’s sample was submitted — an overflowing 2 litre bottle of steaming piss!

Suspicions were earlier raised after spectators became concerned by the behaviour of Russia’s entry. Eyebrows were raised as contestants began to gather for the start of the day. Both Russia and Germany started chewing tent poles. Whilst urine samples have confirmed Russia was a North American brown bear, Germany was confirmed to simply be a very scary woman.

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One Response to Shot put gold medalist disqualified after grizzly bear DNA find

  1. Lol Reply

    December 12, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    Trained by Bear Grylls. Hence the steaming bottle of piss.

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